Friday Blog, May 23, 2014

May 22, 2014

Personal Narrative--300Dear Students,

After you have brainstormed the things we have done this week, choose three to write about below. First write a topic sentence. Then describe the three things you chose, what you learned from them, and how you felt about your performance and the learning.

You should have at least 10 sentences when you are done.

Before publishing, check your work carefully to catch errors. Remember that anyone can see your writing once it’s published.

Have a nice weekend!


Ms. Q

Reasoning Mind

March 26, 2014

102-RM LogoDear Students,

This week we started our pilot of an online math program called “Reasoning Mind.” Please write a blog entry today about your experience and opinion of the program so far. Answer each of the following questions fully:

1. How far have you gotten with the program?

2. What kind of math have you worked on so far?

3. What do you like about the program and what do you dislike?

4. What is your opinion of having so much math taught by a computer rather than a human teacher? Is this a good thing or not? Why?

Be ready to share your entry with a visitor if they should ask!

Remember to check your work carefully to catch errors! Then have a friend read your entry to help you find things you missed and to ask for clarification if something didn’t quite make sense yet.


Ms. Q


Friday Blog, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014

Dear Students,

What kind of week have you had?

Tell your parents about what we’ve been doing lately (give them a good list!). Choose your favorite one to three things to describe in detail.

Then add a paragraph to tell what you are looking forward to doing.


Ms. Q

Friday Blog, December 13, 2013

December 12, 2013

Dear Students,

Begin with an opening sentence about the week. Then choose AT LEAST THREE of the topics below.  Write two to five sentences about each of your chosen topics – a paragraph for each.

1) Native Californians – What tribe have you studied? What have you learned?

2) Magnetism – What have you done and learned so far?

3) The Explorer Tea – What part did you get? What did you think of the video of a past performance? What expectations do you have about your performance?

4) Ornithology – What bird did you research and make a podcast for? How did you do on the Junior Birdwatching exam?

5) Multiplication – Do you understand partial products and using arrays to multiply two-digit times two-digit numbers? How are you doing on multiplication? Do you know your basic multiplication and addition facts well enough?

6) Opinion Writing – Which topic did you choose from the list and what is your opinion? How do you think your writing has developed lately?

7) Day of Code – What game(s) did you play to practice programming? How did you do? Would you consider having computer programming as your career when you grow up? Why?

As always, read and reread your writing to catch errors before publishing.


Ms. Q

Friday Blog, October 25

October 25, 2013

Dear Students,

We most often use our blog to communicate with our parents what we have been doing, thinking, and feeling. Looking over the list of things we have done recently, choose at least THREE about which to write. Describe the activity or lesson and tell what you have been learning. What have you liked and why? What has challenged you and why?


Finally, write at least one sentence about how you expect people to behave at the Bear Mall today. You should have at least four paragraphs (skip lines between – no indenting!) when you are finished.


Ms. Q