Journey to Topaz, Ch. 11 and 12

Dear Group,

Look up and define the following words: engulf (96), sprawling (96), dazzling (100) bewildered (104), forlorn (104), barren (104), nourishing (109).

After reading Chapters 11 and 12, please write a short summary of the action.  Be sure to include what happened to Emi. Also, select three phrases that you think best describe the dust storm.


Ms. Q

Number the Stars, Chapter 5

Dear Group,

After the three mean Nazis left the Johanson’s apartment, Annemarie found that the Star of David necklace had left a print on her hand. What do you think this symbolizes? How have Annemarie and her family changed? What brave thing have they done? Why are they “marked” now?

Once you see other blog posts come up, please read them all and make comments in which you ask questions or add thoughts (don’t just say “I liked it.”). :-)


Ms. Q

“Nomansan Island,” The Mysterious Benedict Society

Nomansan_IslandDear Group,

After reading “Nomansan Island,” write a two- or three-sentence summary of the chapter. Work on a Word document so that you can’t lose your entry and so you can work over two days if necessary. When finished, you will paste your writing into the Comment box.

Tell which vocabulary word you liked learning the most from Quizlet and write its definition. How was it used in the chapter?

Tell which character you are most like according to the quiz you took. Then describe how your character behaves in this chapter. Give specifics, including at least one quote from the chapter. Tell whether or not you would probably do similar things if you were sent to Nomansan Island – and why.

Before pasting your work into the blog, read back carefully to make sure you’ve caught all spelling, punctuation, and syntax (word order) errors.


Ms. Q

Journey to Topaz, Chapters 9 and 10

Japanese-Transported_National-Archives_15Sep14Dear Group,

Before doing anything else, read through this whole assignment, which you will do on a Word document and then paste into this blog as a comment.

Please read Chapters 9 and 10. As you find the following words, look them up on, copy, and paste short definitions for each. Each – except one – tells you the page number on which to find the word. Make sure you show a definition for the word as it was used in the book.




recruited (76)

evacuees (76)

reluctant (76)

Caucasian (77)

affidavits (77)

canteen (77)

contraband (84)

contingent (85)

relic (88)

undaunted (90)

After reading the chapters and defining the words above, choose TWO of the following questions to answer thoughtfully. (this means one or two sentences is not enough!) Be sure to use a quotation from the book in your answers.  
1. What are some of the indignities forced upon Yuki’s family and the rest of the Japanese Americans in the camps? Describe them.
2. What is one way (or more) that the internees try to preserve their dignity?
3. What are some of the difficult choices facing Yuki’s family members and other people in the camp?
4. What is Ken’s decision about university? Why did he make this decision?
5. What important thing does Mother say to Mr. Kurihara (p. 90)? How does this show her wisdom and goodness?
6. Collect at least two similes or metaphors from these chapters. Comment on each, telling in at least three sentences each what they add to your understanding of the characters or the story.
Ms. Q