Marin Sanitary Service Field Trip, 9/17/2012

September 17, 2012

Dear Students,

Since we had a field trip today, we will blog about it and then write a Friday letter on paper at the end of the week.

Please write at least six sentences (more elaboration gives you a higher grade) about our field trip to the Marin Sanitary Service Facility.  Start with a good topic sentence.  Then try to describe the following: the classroom, the recycling center (paper, plastics, glass), the transfer facility (garbage and stink), the indoor dump (remember “the Hog”?), and the Flying Can Ranch (why is it there?).

Tell at least two reasons why this trip was worthwhile.

See you tomorrow, most wonderful fourth graders!


Ms. Q

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  1.   Trevor on September 24, 2012 8:03 pm

    The Marin Recycling Center was a lot of fun and extremely busy. First, we started in a classroom where a lady talked to us about garbage. She told us how to recycle and what to recycle. Inside the classroom is a van that is made of drink wrappers. It looked really cool. We also got to see a movie about kids recycling. Outside, in the recycling center, we saw a huge pile of plastic, glass, and bottles. It was getting ready to be sorted by hand in order to make the world greener. Watching all the garbage getting tossed around and the sound of the conveyor belt was awesome! It made a loud noise. My favorite part of this field trip is when we got to see the pigs! They were fat, dirty, and half the size of my mom’s car!! I learned lots of useful information about recycling.


    Dear Trevor,
    Good improvements! I took the liberty of including a couple of things from your last version. Thanks for working hard.
    Ms. Q

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